Homework due: 11.11.11


This week for homework we are doing on natural resources, we are doing brainpop as a introduction to this new unit.

here is the link:


From the blog squad 😀


Homework Due 5.11.11


This week for homework we are doing a reading contract. While your reading, think about the questions you have been assigned and answer them on the reading contract sheet provided. Don’t forget to do a colorful illustration and remember it’s going on display DO NOT PASTE IT IN HOME WORK BOOK.

Happy Homework 😀

Homework Task – due 28.10.11

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Welcome back!

Below is your weekly homework task and a storyboard template which will help you complete one of the activities.

Homework due 28.10.11


Homework Links – 28.10.11

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Below are links to two fun interactive maths websites which you will need to explore for this weeks homework task (see weekly homework task 28.10.11 for more detail).


Home Sweet Pie


Pizza Party


Blog Squad member 3

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I am a member of the blog squad who am I? Clue 1: I like basketball. Clue 2: I live near a race track. Clue 3: I like being relaxed. Clue 4: I like maths

That is all, have a nice day!

Blog Squad member 4

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I am one of the members of the blog squad. Can you guess who I am?

clue 1. I am a boy from 4P .

clue 2. I am good at the computer.

clue 3.  I play basketball.

clue 4. I was born Parramatta Hospital.

That’s all my clues. Enjoy your day and stay safe!




Blog Squad 2

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I am one of the members of the Blog Squad can you guess who I am?

clue 1:I am a girl and from 4G.

clue 2: I Have 3 pets.

clue 3: I am the only girl in my family.

clue 4: I play the piano.

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